Founded by Mr. Johny Haegeman in 1975.
The company operated as distributor for foreign equipment manufacturers for BELGIUM.

AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL NV. became the industrial partner of the Metropole of IZMIR, TURKEY, as a shareholder in the Company IZBELCOM AS.

In 1980 John invented an efficient direct drive surface aerator and patent applications were entered in BELGIUM and in 1981 in different countries in the world.
All of them have been granted and the trademark AQUA TURBO® has been internationally registered.

AQUATURBO SYSTEMS, INC. built its own plant, completely with workshop, offices and test facility, (same as in Belgium), in Springdale, Arkansas U.S.A, to manufacture and sell all AQUA TURBO® products in CANADA, U.S.A., MEXICO, CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA, AUSTRALIA and NEW-ZEALAND.

The flagship AQUA TURBO® Model AER-AS Surface Aerator, with its worldwide patented SCREWPELLER® technology, commenced manufacture in 1984 and is now internationally regarded as the market leader.

the AQUA TURBO® product line was extended with a submersible aerator, also using the unique SCREWPELLER® and a low speed surface aerator and decanters AQUA DECANT™ for SBR type activated sludge plants, open and a patented mechancially closed one

AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL NV was founded for manufacturing and world-wide sales of the AQUA TURBO® direct drive surface aerator and construction of industrial waste water treatment plants in the BENELUX.
AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL NV built its own unique outdoor test facility in HALLE, BELGIUM next to the manufacturing area involving 2 concrete basins of 16 x 16 m and 8 x 8 m both 4,55 m deep, overhead crane for 5 Ton and 9 m high, electric balancing stand and all instrumentation such as several oxygen meters, energy analysers, compubalance, etc.....

2015 marks a milestone for Aquasystems International N.V. celebrating 40-years of innovation and international success.

AQUATURBO SYSTEMS, INC. USA was started in Libertyville, Illinois and continued in St. Petersburg, Florida. A local workshop manufactured the stainless steel parts in subcontracting and an organisation of representatives was put in place over most of the U.S.A., CANADA and PUERTO RICO.
During 2,5 years AQUA TURBO® caught the USA Market’s attention and became known as the new generation surface aerators equipped with the unique SCREWPELLER®.